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Why does my DPF get Clogged Up?

What happens to all diesel cars that have a (DPF) diesel particulate filter fitted from the factory is over time the DPF gets used daily and gets clogged up with soot which is made up of grime aswell as dirt and gases from the car engine. The exhaust gets hot and activates the self regeneration cleaning system which is known as dpf regeneration. But if the DPF regeneration process fails and your car goes in to limp mode in any area of birmingham due to the dpf being blocked, then call us for our mobile dpf cleaning service, we can arrive in minutes and have you driving again in hours.

Our DPF Cleaning Process

We simply plug in your car to one of our award winning diagnostic machines such as snap on tools™ and find the faults that your car is displaying on the car dashboard, then the our state of the art vehicle diagnostics device scans your ECU to find any other engine or electrical faults so we can dertemine which fault is causing your dpf to fail. We the connect our DPF and Hydro cleaning machine to your van or car and let it work it’s magic. Our DPF regeneration equipment is by far the best dpf cleaning machine available. You will recieve a print out from the machine to let you know how much dirt has been removed from your diesel particulate filter.

My DPF Light has Come On?

The DPF light is there to let you know that there is a problem with your car’s diesel particulate filter. All DPF’s have been fitted to diesel cars since early 2009 so it can limit the amount of dangerous gasses through the car’s exhaust system, in turn it helps in lowering your vehicles emissions. The level of soot that diesel vehicles emit has caused many people respiratory problems.

Symptoms of a Blocked DPF

Your car will display a Dashboard Warning Light. Then if not treated by a professional dpf cleaning service, your car will enter Limp Mode. Which in turn will Reduced the vehicles Fuel Economy and also decrease the Engine Performance, You will find it difficult to start your car and you will experience rough idling when your vehicle is running. Plus you will notice a large amount of black exhaust smoke.

Car Diagnostic Check

DPF Light Check

Carbon Clean/Removal

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DPF Not Regenerating?

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